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Who we are

Cer.Co. sas di Fabio Galimberti was born in 2002 following the insistence of some friends manufacturers of PPE who, aware of the specific knowledge and experience gained in the context of standardization at ISO and CEN levels, needed assistance to carry out the tasks concerned with the CE certification procedures required by the law.

In addition, thanks to the owner's skills, we began to take an interest in problems relating to the environment and, in particular to the information / training issues required by the current italian legislation (starting from Presidential Decree 547 of 1955 to the Legislative Decree 81 of 2008 through the Legislative Decree 626 of 1994/2006).

Today, Cer.Co. is able to provide training services regarding several titles of the Legislative Decree 81/2008 and the teachers are also qualified to hold training courses according to the italian State Region agreement of 21 December 2011.

At the beginning of 2013 Cer.Co. has opened its Testing Department, a third party testing laboratory located in Viale del Lavoro, 22 in Spirano in the province of Bergamo, which deals with the execution of tests concerning product safety.

Taking advantage by the knowledge deriving from the active participation in the development of European standardization for personal protective equipment (PPE) and contruction products (CPR) within UNI / CEN / ISO commissions, Cer.Co. created a specific test area for anchor systems and for personal protective devices against falls from a height.

The testing area for anchor devices has several unique and innovative features compared to the systems traditionally used to date, including the high flexibility of system configuration, the possibility of simulating various support structures, the use of a state-of-the-art, high-precision measurement system capable of recording the entire dynamic test with multiple sensors. Last but not least, the peculiarity of being able to carry out tests and assembly / disassembly in complete safety.

Cer.Co. Sas di Fabio Galimberti bases its quality policy on completely customer-oriented principles, including the continuous search for a high level of competence in the topics covered and the use of adequate equipment to obtain accurate and reliable test results.